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Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.


Quick Absorbtion

SaveSorb absorbs standard fuel products in a matter of seconds. This complete absorption removes the adhesive nature of the oil or fuel and significantly reduces flammability.

SaveSorb’s Marine Barrier Mats can completely remove several gallons of diesel fuel from the water within minutes.

Where water cannot be contained in time, as in the case of a river spill, raw SaveSorb can be dumped into the water to encapsulate and prevent many of the hazardous effects of the spill from damaging the environment.

SaveSorb will precipitate the natural breakdown of any absorbed fuel that is unable to be recovered later.

No Leaching

Unlike other products that merely act like a large paper towel and release oil back into the water when disturbed, SaveSorb completely absorbs the oil and locks it inside its all-natural cells. SaveSorb products have been laboratory tested to ensure that absorbed oil, diesel and even gasoline do not leach.

Easy Deployment

One significant problem with the current mats on the market is their difficulty in deployment. These come in large sock form or rolls of thin mats. These are super lightweight and must be deployed with layer upon layer. SaveSorb products are durable mats that can be linked together to form significant absorption barriers or placed around or inside of a contained spill. They naturally float and filter the top few inches of the water to remove oil an fuel.

Easy Removal

Removing standard poly products is a mess. These break, the socks open and tear, each one picks up a significant amount of water, and when removed, release oil right back into the water.

SaveSorb products are super durable and can be rolled up on a spool and pulled up with confidence. During removal, they do not leach oil back into the water, preventing the need for repeated deployment.

Ports, Marinas, and Harbors

The safety and hydrophobic qualities of SaveSorb make it the ideal choice for fuel or oil spills on water.

SaveSorb’s floating Mats and Boom Wraps provide for spill containment and removal at ports, marinas and harbors. Easily deployed and easily removed, SaveSorb solves the continual battle between water and oil. Maritime departments such as Harbor Patrols love SaveSorb as booms and mats can be placed near their vessels greatly reducing clean up time.