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Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.


Public Works Facility

  • Get rid of "Kitty Litter" and "Paper Towels" and start using an environmentally sensitive product that both costs less and performs better.
  • Reduce Cost – SaveSorb raw product will absorb more per dollar than both clay and can be used multiple times until it is saturated.
  • Easier Application – SaveSorb product is lightweight so transportation to a spill is quick and easy. It also absorbs quickly and completely. No more waiting around or having to make repeated application of kitty litter or pads.
  • Quicker Cleanup – No more shoveling tons of kitty litter into barrels! SaveSorb can clean up the largest of spills with 8lbs. of product with a broom and dustpan as compared to over 200lbs. of kitty litter.
  • Re-Use – Because SaveSorb is rarely used to its full capacity the first time around, keeping a used product container around can allow for repeat use until saturation.
  • Easier Disposal – SaveSorb passes the required testing in California for industrial landfill disposal for many standard oil and fuel products. But even if your company or landfill requires hazardous waste disposal, at less than 1/15th the weight, disposal of used SaveSorb can save significant weight, volume, and cost.

Public Truck and Auto Fleets

Spill Kits on vehicles are no longer just environmentally responsible, but have become fiscally responsible as well. Gone are the days of leaving fuel and oil spills from an accident for tow trucks to clean up. Today, most tow companies will turn spills that run into soil or threaten groundwater over to private companies for cleanup. That single call will cost several thousand dollars at a minimum and can quickly accelerate into the tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Size to Capacity Ratio - Our spill kits will contain and absorb far more than most any similar sized spill kit on the market. Just having a spill kit filled with wipes won't go very far if there is even more than a gallon spilled. Not many trucking accidents leave less than a gallon of fluid on the ground.
  • Price to Capacity Ratio – For what our spill kits will absorb, we are significantly less expensive than virtually every spill kit on the market.
  • Effective in Wet Environments – If an accident occurs in the rain, our absorbent will still work. If a spill occurs on or near a waterway (stream, lake or river), SaveSorb is the only product available that can truly contain the oil within the water, protecting the water system.

Hazmat Response

When HazMat teams are called upon to deal with large oil or fuel spills, they are limited by clean-up capacity and response time. SaveSorb can dramatically improve on both.

  • Increased Clean-up Capacity – SaveSorb products are lightweight and can be compressed for transportation. Our XL Bags contain over 7 cubic feet of product and can absorb over 60 gallons of diesel fuel. These 50lb. bags take up only 3.8 cubic feet on a truck allowing for an exceptional amount of clean-up capacity.
  • Increased Response Time – More product on one truck means only one trip to respond to even the largest of spills. SaveSorb's easy deployment allows for fast absorption and decreases in response time. Because the product can be swept by hand (rather than pushing around hundreds of pounds of kitty litter), one person can cover a lot more clean-up.
  • Easy Removal – Whether it is hand swept or machine swept, SaveSorb's lightweight nature makes pick-up and removal of used product fast and easy.

Fire Departments

All Fire Departments keep some sort of spill response material on hand. As with HazMat, space and weight are important factors. Reducing combustion risk is an added bonus that SaveSorb has to offer.

  • SaveSorb has spill response bundles that can be customized to fit the needs of the department. These bundles include compressed loose product as well as mats and berms that can be used to absorb and contain a spill as it occurs.
  • For first responders, having a large capacity absorbent mat or berm that can be thrown under a leaking tank to stop the fuel spread can be a huge advantage.
  • Two SaveSorb large bags of loose product will fit into a 9"x 21"x10" space and can cleanup 30 gallons of spilled diesel.
  • Because SaveSorb truly absorbs fuel, it significantly reduces vapors from fuel spills, dramatically decreasing combustion risk.

Fire Departments have daily calls for accidents on roads and highways as well as ongoing fuel, chemical and paint spills at businesses.

SaveSorb comes to the rescue by offering its proven product that:

  • Contains no carcinogens (as found in many other absorbents)
  • Reduces fumes by 90% thus reducing dangerous inhalants
  • Offers a lightweight product* which helps to prevent back injuries of workers using it
  • Delivers consistency of the product
  • Encapsulates spills without any leaching.
  • Passes TCLP and paint filter test required by landfills.
  • Prevents approximately 90% of fumes related to fuel spills which helps to prevent vapor-based explosions

Fire Departments use SaveSorb Spill Kits on trucks. First responders use SaveSorb Loose Fill, Mats and Berms to contain and collect spills on roads and highways.

Public Works

SaveSorb works with municipalities and its Public Works Departments to support its daily needs.

The Public Works departments of cities have a myriad of responsibilities to protect city structures, buildings, streets, neighborhoods and its citizens.

These responsibilities include:

  • Transportation– Fleet Vehicles
  • Maintenance – Street Maintenance Services (residential and on roads and highways)
  • Traffic accidents – where fluids are spilled on to roadway
  • Maintenance – Landfill Issues Unlawful dumping of chemicals and oil into sewers
  • Environmental Services – For residential and commercial services

SaveSorb assists departments with spill kits, mats, berms and loose fill product to contain spills. Its non-leaching properties are highly desired by transportation and maintenance departments that want to contain a leak or spill quickly. Rapid clean-up is also safer for Public Works staff so they do not have to be on the street or roadway as long. SaveSorb is also much lighter than clay and related products which dramatically reduces disposal costs at a HazMat facility.