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Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Oil Production

SaveSorb can manufacture berms as large as 18” in diameter and as long as is needed. These berms can be used for both sediment control and absorption and can be designed to be left in place if necessary.

Spilled Oil and Petro

Chemicals are a continual bi-product of oil and gas production. On land or on water, SaveSorb quickly encapsulates a spill, protecting the surrounding environment and creating a healthy home for bioremediation.

Oil Mud

SaveSorb can be mixed in with oil mud or oil contaminated soil to prevent leaching beyond the contaminated area and threatening groundwater. SaveSorb will not only prevent the spreading of the oil through the soil, but will encourage the cleaning of the soil through bioremediation.

Waste Water

SaveSorb can act like a filter to remove floating hydrocarbons from the surface of waste water reservoirs. In addition, it can be used as a filter to remove oils and many chemicals and salts from the same wastewater reservoirs.


SaveSorb provides easily deployed on-site containment for exploration and drilling. This may be as simple as durable SaveSorb absorbent Mats placed under or around machinery that might have a propensity to leak or it could be as large scale as providing large berm containment for a site.

Onshore / Offshore

If there is a spill onshore or offshore, SaveSorb is equally effective in absorbing hydrocarbons. It works the first time, every time.

SaveSorb doesn’t just pick up oil like a paper towel or sponge, but rather truly absorbs and encapsulates oil molecules. This full absorption means that SaveSorb does not leach absorbed product when under pressure or exposed to water. Pads and clay simply contain and leave a mess and residue.

Order SaveSorb today and see how our product safely absorbs and removes oil spills on land and water.