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Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.


SaveSorb supports the construction industry in the following ways:

Regular Site Maintenance

Maintaining a clean construction site is paramount in today's regulated environment. SaveSorb not only makes that job easier, but also makes it more environmentally-friendly.

Spill Response

SaveSorb Spill Kits and absorbent products are lightweight allowing transfer to any part of the site quickly. Their compact and highly absorbent nature allows for response to very large spills without storing large quantities of absorbent on site.

Containment Areas

Many large constructions sites now have to have a contained area where oil, fuel, machinery and such are stored. There must be berms around these areas. SaveSorb manufactures berms as large as 18” in diameter and as long as is needed. These berms can be used for both sediment control and absorption and can be designed to be left in place if necessary. SaveSorb Spillow Mats can be placed under leaky vehicles and machinery to protect the soil.

Outside Service Trucks

Construction sites are responsible for spills that occur on their properties. Requiring outside contractors to keep spill kits on board is now completely necessary. If you are an outside contractor, leaving leaks behind when visiting a site can cost future jobs. Having top notch spill kits and leak prevention should be a priority. SaveSorb 3’x 3’ Spillow Mats are perfect for rolling under machinery to keep spills from reaching the ground. When the job is done, roll them up and use on next project.