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Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.

Save Money. Save Time. Save the Environment.


SaveSorb was designed to make manufacturing plants cleaner, safer and more efficient.


Large manufacturing often faces the never ending problem of leaky machinery. This usually includes hydraulic oil, diesel, cooling fluids, etc. SaveSorb’s Mats and Berms are long-lasting products that not only contain, but completely absorb these leaking fluids.


Having hydraulic oil leaking from a drill press is one thing, but having it leak into a walkway brings on an element of risk that no company is willing to bear. SaveSorb mats and berms keep floors dry and safe.


A spill at a plant often results in at least a partial shut down of operations. Time is of the essence. Most companies carry 200lbs. of kitty litter out to such a spill and use shovels and wheelbarrows to clean it up. With SaveSorb, this is the work of one 15lb. bag, broom and a dustpan.


SaveSorb minimizes plant down time with quick and effective cleanup of all surfaces both horizontal and vertical.

Manufacturing companies with heavy duty hydraulic machinery tend to have ongoing leaks. Some operations are running two to three shifts and cannot be taken offline for any extended period of time or at all.

SaveSorb offers a terrific solution with its two-bucket system. For any non-saturated SaveSorb product, manufacturers can place semi-used product in one bucket or spill kit container and have new product in another container. This allows for an increased yield and offers better preparation for the next spill, large or small.

Recommended sizes for two bucket/container system include one 20g over-pack and one 5g bucket.

Are you having issues with employees improperly handling drums in your facility? Does your company have a concern about old drums leaking inside or outside of your plant? SaveSorb offers the ideal solution with its line of drum tops and skirts.

SaveSorb product will assist in protecting employees from coming into contact from spilled oil, gas and chemicals. The drum tops and skirts will also last many times more than any cellulose pads and will not leach. Try some today.

Whether you are surrounding leaky equipment or cleaning up after sudden releases, SaveSorb will keep your plant clean and safe.


In buildings large and small, generators and compressors have issues with leaks. If drums are being used to store oil, chemicals and or paint, SaveSorb recommends designing a mat and berm system that can support any spill conditions as well as act as a preventive program. Drum kits can also be used for placement above and below a drum.

Companies should not wait until a spill occurs to determine how best to tackle it.

SaveSorb Berms should be used to surround any generators or compressors.

Operators or maintenance staff can walk on the berms without risk of tearing and these can be left for extended periods of time.

Mats can also be used under or around any generators, compressors or drums. If leaks, spills or sprays occur, a SaveSorb Mat can remove the oil and a slip hazard in a short period of time.