SaveSorb FAQ

What is SaveSorb™ and how does it work?

SaveSorb™ is a natural and organic absorbent made from 100% plant matter. It is hydrophobic (repels water) and oleophilic (attracts oils). When applied to spills, it quickly encapsulates hydrocarbons, such as oil, fuel, chemicals, and paints, effectively containing and absorbing them.

Is SaveSorb™ safe for the environment and humans?

Yes, SaveSorb™ is safe for the environment, humans, animals, and plants. It is 100% natural and organic, chemical-free, and will not attract insects or rodents.

How does SaveSorb™ compare to other absorbent products on the market?

SaveSorb™ stands out as a super-absorbent solution. It can absorb hydrocarbons with up to 15 times less absorbent material than competitive products, resulting in lower cleanup volumes and reduced costs.

Can SaveSorb™ be used on different surfaces and in various environments?

Absolutely! SaveSorb™ is versatile and can be used on land, water, snow, and various surface types. It is effective in absorbing a wide range of liquids, making it a go-to solution for many spill scenarios.

Is SaveSorb™ easy to use, and do I need specialized training or equipment?

SaveSorb™ is user-friendly and requires no specialized training or equipment. It can be applied manually or mechanically, making it accessible for all users.

Does SaveSorb™ have a long-term environmental impact?

No, SaveSorb™ is landfill-friendly and leaves no long-term environmental effects, whether dealing with hazardous or non-hazardous waste. It actively starts degrading hydrocarbons once encapsulated, reducing the need for disposal.

Can SaveSorb™ help reduce cleanup costs?

Yes, SaveSorb™ absorbs quickly on contact, minimizing spill spread and resulting in lower cleanup costs. Its super-absorbent nature means you need less material, reducing both labor and disposal expenses.

Does SaveSorb™ address safety concerns like flammable vapors and odor control?

Absolutely. SaveSorb™ reduces flammable vapors by 90%, lowering explosion and fume inhalation risks. It also encapsulates unpleasant odors, creating a safer and more pleasant cleanup environment.

Is SaveSorb™ a sustainable and cost-effective choice?

Yes, SaveSorb™ is made from renewable and sustainable organic plant material. It lowers shipping and disposal costs, reduces labor and equipment expenses, streamlines purchasing decisions, and simplifies inventory management because one absorbent can handle a variety of spills.

Where can I purchase SaveSorb™ products?
SaveSorb™ products are available through our authorized distributors and on our official website. You can also contact our customer support for assistance in finding a distributor near you.

Can I put SaveSorb spills in the garbage?
SaveSorb is landfill safe and does not leak but different states have different policies on Hazmat disposal, so please follow your state and federal guidelines.

Is SaveSorb harmful to the eyes or skin?
SaveSorb does not affect the skin. If you get enough in the eyes please flush with water. Use in a ventilated area so as to not inhale large amounts of dust.

Does SaveSorb have an expiration date?
No, SaveSorb does not expire or have a half life on its absorbent qualities.

What can I expect with ship times for my order?
All orders will ship in 1-3 business days.