About SaveSorb

SaveSorb is a totally natural, sustainable plant material. Using a proprietary method, it is dried, sieved, blended and pH balanced to create the most effective absorbent of hydrocarbons (oil based compounds) and chemicals available.
SaveSorb absorbs almost all hydrocarbons, chemicals and their vapors. It encapsulates them within its molecular structure and will not leach contaminants into the environment, even under pressure SaveSorb is very safe to handle. In its natural state our product partially absorbs the fumes, making it useful for cleaning up small spills containing flammable liquids.
SaveSorb is available as a loose product in bags and in a variety of manufactured products from Spill Kits, absorbent mats and socks.

Savesorb Loose Product

Compared to traditional spill control products like granules, kitty litter or clay, SaveSorb is quicker, easier, weighs far less while taking 1/4 of the space compared to competitors, healthier work handling, cleaner to use, and simply all around more effective. The future of oil and chemical absorption is in the best hands at SaveSorb as we continue to build  products that help companies identify their issues while saving money, time, and save the environment.

FAQ's - Frequently asked questions:

Q What is SaveSorb?
A SaveSorb is a totally natural plant based product that is dried, sieved,
blended and pH balanced to create the most effective absorbent of
oils, chemicals and fuel available.
Q Is SaveSorb a true absorbent?
A Unlike conventional spill products which are adsorbents, SaveSorb is
a true absorbent of oils (hydrocarbons), chemicals, fuel, and paint.
Q Is SaveSorb non-leaching?
A Yes. When a hazmat is absorbed, SaveSorb encapsulates it and
provides an environment for naturally occurring microbes that recycle
hydrocarbons and chemicals until they become less toxic or non-toxic.
It does not leach (leak) hazardous materials back out into the environment.
Q How much SaveSorb is needed to clear up a spill?
A 2 pounds of SaveSorb will absorb one gallon of hazmat. Compared to Kitty Litter which takes 30 pounds!