Founder's Story


Founder’s Story:

A Safer Environment: This Is Personal.

"I was born and raised in the Cayman Islands, where I developed a deep love for the ocean and beaches at an early age. The spill cleanup challenge is not just a business opportunity for me; it's a Personal Mission to protect the environment that I love."

Ronnie Ebanks, President & Founder


In the sun-kissed paradise of the Cayman Islands, where crystal-clear waters caress pristine shores, Ronnie Ebanks found his lifelong love affair with the ocean and nature. From the moment he took his first steps on the sandy beaches, he was enchanted by the world beneath the waves and the serene beauty of the coastlines. Little did he know that this love would one day ignite a powerful commitment to safeguarding our natural treasures.

Ronnie's journey wasn't just about business; it was about answering a calling that resonated deep within his soul. As he grew, he saw with his own eyes the harsh realities of spills and pollutants tarnishing the marine environment he cherished. The very ocean that had given him so much joy was now pleading for help.

The turning point came when he recognized a critical gap—the lack of effective and environmentally-friendly absorbent products. Ronnie was moved to action. With a resolve born of personal conviction, he set out to create a solution that would not only be highly effective at cleaning up spills but would also be gentle on the environment and safe for the dedicated workers who confront these challenges every day.

The result was SaveSorb—a product born of passion, commitment, and an unwavering belief that positive change is possible. SaveSorb is more than an absorbent; it's a promise. It's a testament to Ronnie's mission to make a difference, one spill at a time.

Together, with SaveSorb, we can join Ronnie in his Personal Mission to protect the environment he loves. We can ensure that the world we leave to future generations is one where the ocean's beauty remains untarnished, and the beaches continue to inspire wonder.

Join us on this journey to save the environment, one spill at a time.

SaveSorb™. Where Personal Mission meets Environmental Mission.