SaveSorb™ is Proven and Certified

Rest assured, SaveSorb isn't just a claim; it's a proven solution. We've put our product to the test in independent laboratories, meeting the rigorous requirements of the EPA for the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure. SaveSorb has also aced tests like the Liquid Release Test, the Paint Filter Test, and the Marine Life test.

  • Marine Life (California Fish Bioassay)

    SaveSorb was tested and analyzed to CDFG P&M 1988, where the potency of a contaminated  substance is tested by studying its effects on living organisms. Four samples of contaminated  Savesorb where placed in close proximity to live fish for 96 hours.  All fish were alive and in good condition at the test's conclusion.

  • Paint Filter Test

    SaveSorb was tested and analysed to EPA 9095A. This test determines whether there are free liquids  in evidence on the absorbent.

    Samples tested: 4

    Free liquid detected: 0 

  • Leaching of Toxins

    SaveSorb was tested and analysed to TCLP, EPA 8260B (Toxicity Character Leaching Procedure  Organics). This test determines the leaching toxicity to stated federal / state limits.  SaveSorb is within stated limits for safe disposal.

    NOTE: The gasoline sample passed TCLP for all organic characteristics, including benzene which was non-detect.