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20 Gallon Eco-Friendly Overpack Spill Kit - Standard Refill

20 Gallon Eco-Friendly Overpack Spill Kit - Standard Refill

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When it comes to tackling spills of up to 15 gallons of oil and hazmat, the SK-20GR 20 Gal Spill Kit is your reliable partner.

High Capacity: Capable of absorbing up to 15 gallons of hazardous materials. Unlike most of our competitors kits containing the Polypropylene socks and pads that are not very effective on cleanups and leach the contaminates back into the environment, our kits come with our hyper absorbent plant material in our socks, berms and loose absorbent bags that are much more effective, non-leaching and much safer for workers and the environment.

Complete Solution: Contains 2- 6'x4" rapid Absorption Socks, 2 medium compressed Bags of SaveSorb, 2 -10"x16" Rapid Absorption Pillows, 10 Absorbent Pads, 2 Pair of Gloves, 2 Disposal Bags & Zip Ties, 1 Pair Goggles

Safety Assurance: Ensure safety with included safety gear.

Eco-Friendly: Embrace an eco-conscious approach to spill containment.Upgrade your spill containment strategy with this high-capacity, eco-friendly solution.


• 2 Medium 6' Absorbent Socks
• 3 Medium Compressed Bags of SaveSorb
• 2 Absorbent Pillows 10"x16"
• 15 Absorbent wipes
• 3 Pair of Gloves
• 1 Pair of Goggles
• 3 Zip Ties
• 3 Disposal Bags
• 20 Gallon Drum W/Lid


26 x 16 x 14


• NATURAL & ORGANIC · 100% Plant Matter that is safe for Humans, Animals, Plants, and the Environment. Will not attract insects or rodents.
• NON-TOXIC · Chemical Free. No associated Health & Safety or environmental issues in use or disposal.
• SUPER-ABSORBENT · Absorbs hydrocarbons with up to 15 times less absorbent than competitive products. Lower volumes of absorbent and weight.
• BIODEGRADABLE · Landfill friendly. No long-term environmental effect, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
• BIODEGRADATION · Starts breaking down and degrading hydrocarbons once encapsulated, so is superior to disposal only.
• VERSATILE · Works any surface type, on land, water, or snow, and absorbs the widest variety of liquids when compared to traditional absorbents.
• EASY TO USE · No specialized training or equipment, just open and apply. Can be applied manually or mechanically.
• LIGHTWEIGHT · Absorbs 4 times its own weight. Less physical strain in handling.
• ABSORBS QUICKLY · Quicker absorption on contact means less spill spread resulting in lower cleanup cost.
• NON-LEACHING · SaveSorb fully retains all hydrocarbons until they degrade, therefore less mess in clean-up, during transportation, and in landfills.
• VAPOR SUPPRESSIVE · Reduces flammable vapors by 90%. Lowers explosion and fume inhalation risks. Encapsulates unpleasant odors.
• NON-FLAMMABILITY · SaveSorb does not ignite instantly when exposed to heat or flame, in fact it is difficult to establish a smolder.
• RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE · Naturally occurring organic plant material that regenerates.
• COST EFFECTIVE · Lowers shipping and disposal cost. Reduces labor and equipment expenses. Reduces inventory, simplifies training, and streamlines purchasing decisions - Because one absorbent does it all!


Ships in 1-3 business days.


For info on Bulk or Wholesale Orders Please Call our sales team directly at (310)-795-4011 or email



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