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Oil Absorbent Pillow - 10"x16"- Box of 6

Oil Absorbent Pillow - 10"x16"- Box of 6

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Uncover the MF-RAP10 Rapid Absorption Pillow, a crafting of convenience for spills.

Unlike our competitors pillows containing the Polypropylene material that are not very effective on absorption or containment and will leach the contaminates back into the environment, our pillows come filled with SaveSorbs loose-fill hyper absorbent plant material that is much more effective, non-leaching, safer for workers and the environment

This 10"x16" pillow is filled with 1.2 lbs of SaveSorb's organic material, offering the capacity to absorb up to 0.6 gallons of hazardous liquids. Can be reused multiple times until fully saturated.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, this pillow sets the standard for dependability in absorbent pieces.

It guarantees optimal absorption of oil, oil-based paints, automotive fluids, and chemicals, while rebuffing water successfully. An ideal option for commercial and industrial uses.

Step up your spill answer with the MF-RAP10, a green and reliable solution.


1.2 Lbs of SaveSorb's loose fill product in each 10"x16" Pillow.




🌿 Natural & Organic: Made from 100% plant matter, SaveSorb is safe for humans, animals, plants, and the environment. It won't attract insects or rodents.

🌱 Non-Toxic: Say goodbye to chemical concerns. SaveSorb is completely chemical-free, ensuring no associated health and safety or environmental issues during use or disposal.

🧽 Super-Absorbent: With its exceptional absorption capabilities, SaveSorb requires up to 15 times less absorbent than competitive products. This means lower volumes, less weight, and greater efficiency.

🌱 Biodegradable: Environmentally conscious? SaveSorb is landfill-friendly and leaves no long-term environmental impact, whether dealing with hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

🌍 Biodegradation: SaveSorb doesn't stop at encapsulation; it actively starts breaking down and degrading hydrocarbons, making it superior to disposal-only solutions.

🔁 Versatile: From land to water to snow, SaveSorb works on any surface type and can absorb the widest variety of liquids compared to traditional absorbents.

🛠️ Easy to Use: No specialized training or equipment is needed. Just open and apply, whether manually or mechanically.

🎈 Lightweight: SaveSorb can absorb four times its weight, reducing physical strain during handling.

🌊 Quick Absorption: Its rapid absorption on contact minimizes spill spread, resulting in lower cleanup costs.

🚫 Non-Leaching: SaveSorb fully retains all hydrocarbons until they degrade, reducing mess during cleanup, transportation, and in landfills.

💨 Vapor Suppressive: By reducing flammable vapors by 90%, SaveSorb lowers explosion and fume inhalation risks and encapsulates unpleasant odors.

🔥 Non-Flammability: SaveSorb doesn't easily ignite when exposed to heat or flame, ensuring safety in various situations.

🌿 Renewable & Sustainable: Made from naturally occurring organic plant material that regenerates, contributing to a sustainable future.

💲 Cost-Effective: SaveSorb lowers shipping and disposal costs, reduces labor and equipment expenses, streamlines purchasing decisions, and simplifies inventory management because one absorbent DOES IT ALL!


Ships in 1-3 business days.


For info on Bulk or Wholesale Orders Please Call our sales team directly at (310)-795-4011 or email



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