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Granular Absorbent - X-Large Compressed Bag

Granular Absorbent - X-Large Compressed Bag

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Check out the LF-XCB Extra Large Space Saver Bag, your go-to for spill containment.

With approximately 60lbs of hyper-sorbent organic plant material, this compressed bag can handle up to 30 GALLONS of spill material, smashing the competition.

Composed of 100% natural and organic plant material, it's not only good for the environment but also incredibly effective. Unlike our competitor clay the products (kitty Litter) containing carcinogens that are dangerous for workers and the planet.

From engine & food oil to paints and over 100 chemicals, this bad boy takes it all in its stride. Rest easy knowing that non-leaching tech means your messes won't leak out. Whether in landfills or on the move, your spills stay safe and secure.

And the best part? It can absorb as much hazmat as 900 lbs of kitty litter or clay absorbents (1 Pallet), so you can support the planet without compromising on effectiveness.

Whenever you need maximum absorbency, reach for the LF-XCB.
Save the planet, one spill at a time!


SaveSorb Loose Hyper-Absorbent is a revolutionary spill containment solution made entirely from natural, organic plant matter. It is a proprietary product created through a purifying and dehydrating process that transforms plant substance into a hyper-sorbent material. SaveSorb is designed to attract and encapsulate hydrocarbons, including oils, fuels, paints, solvents, and chemicals, in a highly efficient and eco-friendly manner.


27 x 19 x 16


• 1 XL compressed bag tested to absorb same amount as 900 LBS of kitty litter/clay absorbents.
• Non-abrasive and safe for use with machinery
• Hydrocarbon hyper-sorbent plant material that can be reused until fully saturated.
• Non-abrasive and safe for use with machinery


Ships in 1-3 business days.


For info on Bulk or Wholesale Orders Please Call our sales team directly at (310)-795-4011 or email


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