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Eco-Friendly Granular Absorbent - Large Bag

Eco-Friendly Granular Absorbent - Large Bag

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Step up to the LF-LCB Large Space Saver Bag, your powerful spill containment ally. With a weight of approximately 10 lbs and the ability to absorb up to 5 GALLONS of oil, fuels, paint and chemicals, this bag is a game-changer.

Harvested from natural peat moss bogs, it's both sustainable and effective. Say goodbye to worries about harmful chemicals, as this product is completely non-toxic and chemical-free containing no carcinogens unlike our competitors- most clay absorbents (kitty litter) contain cancer causing silica dust.

Experience the convenience of quick and efficient cleanup. The LF-LCB reduces amount of waste and cleanup time by half, thanks to its non-leaching properties. It's the responsible choice for spills of all sizes.

Upgrade to the LF-LCB for superior spill containment that's good for your workspace and the environment.


All natural compressed 10 lb bag of loose SaveSorb Hyper Absorbent material.


22 x 9 x 5


• NATURAL & ORGANIC · 100% Plant Matter that is safe for Humans, Animals, Plants, and the Environment. Will not attract insects or rodents. No shelf-life
• NON-TOXIC · Chemical Free. No associated Health & Safety or environmental issues in use or disposal.
• SUPER-ABSORBENT · Absorbs hydrocarbons with up to 15 times less absorbent than competitive products. Lower volumes of absorbent and weight.
• BIODEGRADABLE · Landfill friendly. No long-term environmental effect, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
• BIODEGRADATION · Starts breaking down and degrading hydrocarbons once encapsulated, so is superior to disposal only.
• VERSATILE · Works any surface type, on land, water, or snow, and absorbs the widest variety of liquids when compared to traditional absorbents.
• EASY TO USE · No specialized training or equipment, just open and apply. Can be applied manually or mechanically.
• LIGHTWEIGHT · Absorbs 4 times its own weight. Less physical strain in handling.
• ABSORBS QUICKLY · Quicker absorption on contact means less spill spread resulting in lower cleanup cost.
• NON-LEACHING · SaveSorb fully retains all hydrocarbons until they degrade, therefore less mess in clean-up, during transportation, and in landfills.
• VAPOR SUPPRESSIVE · Reduces flammable vapors by 90%. Lowers explosion and fume inhalation risks. Encapsulates unpleasant odors.
• NON-FLAMMABILITY · SaveSorb does not ignite instantly when exposed to heat or flame, in fact it is difficult to establish a smolder.
• RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE · Naturally occurring organic plant material that regenerates.
• COST EFFECTIVE · Lowers shipping and disposal cost. Reduces labor and equipment expenses. Reduces inventory, simplifies training, and streamlines purchasing decisions - Because one absorbent does it all!
• MACHINE SAFE · Non-abrasive and safe for use with machinery


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