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Granular All Natural Absorbent - Small Resealable Bag

Granular All Natural Absorbent - Small Resealable Bag

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Discover the LF-SRB Small Resealable Bag, your versatile spill containment solution. This compact bag, weighing approximately 3.4 lbs, boasts an impressive absorbency up to 1.7 GALLONS. Perfect for your workshop or to fit in your vehicle for emergency, it's designed with resealable closer to be used multiple times to tackle small spills effortlessly.

Harvested from 100% natural and sustainable peat moss bogs, this bag is your eco-friendly choice. It efficiently absorbs oils, fuels, paints, and a variety of chemicals, reducing cleanup time and costs. Plus, its non-leaching properties ensure that no harm comes to the environment.

Get peace of mind knowing you're using a non-toxic, chemical-free solution that's safe for humans, animals, and plants. The LF-SRB is your partner in spill control, offering both performance and sustainability.


SaveSorb is a revolutionary spill containment solution made entirely from natural, organic plant matter. It is a proprietary product created through a purifying and dehydrating process that transforms plant substance into a hyper-sorbent material. SaveSorb is designed to attract and encapsulate hydrocarbons, including oils, fuels, solvents, and chemicals, in a highly efficient and eco-friendly manner.

SaveSorb's key attributes include:

Eco-Friendly: It is crafted from 100% organic plant matter, making it safe and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable: SaveSorb is made from renewable, natural resources, positioning it as a sustainable alternative to traditional spill control products.

Versatile: It is a versatile absorbent that can capture a wide range of substances, including oils, chemicals, fuels, and even unpleasant vapors and odors.

Non-Toxic: SaveSorb is completely non-toxic and chemical-free, ensuring the safety of humans, animals, and the environment.

Biodegradable: It aids in biodegradation, contributing to the restoration of ecosystems.

Vapor and Odor Control: In addition to spill cleanup, SaveSorb also traps fumes (It's non-flammable) and reduces unpleasant vapors and odors, making it useful for various cleanup scenarios.

Land and Water Use: SaveSorb can be used on both land and water, making it suitable for a wide range of spill incidents. In snow or rain SaveSorb will only absorb the hazmat not the water (it's hydrophobic)

Sustainable Sourcing: It is sourced from renewable and sustainable materials.

SaveSorb is a trusted solution for efficiently and responsibly managing spills while minimizing environmental impact. Whether it's cleaning up oil spills, chemical accidents, pet messes, kitchen oils or more, SaveSorb is designed to be an effective and environmentally conscious choice for spill containment and remediation.




• All Natural signature bag of loose SaveSorb Absorbent
3.4 lbs of 100% organic plant material with the power to absorb up to 1.75 gallons of spills.
• Completely encapsulates hydrocarbons like oil, fuel, chemicals, solvents, and oil-based paints.
• Loose material can be reused until fully saturated.
• Non-abrasive and safe for use with machinery


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