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Soft Case Truck Spill Kit - Large

Soft Case Truck Spill Kit - Large

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Maximize your truck's spill containment potential with the SK-TSL Soft Case Truck Spill Kit Large. Weighing 8 lbs, this kit can absorb up to 6 gallons of hazardous materials.

USPs and Benefits:

Extended Capacity: Equip your truck with the power to contain up to 5 gallons of hazmat, including oils, paints, chemicals, and automotive fluids.

Unlike most of our competitors kits containing the Polypropylene socks and pads that are not very effective on cleanups and leach the contaminates back into the environment, our kits come with our hyper absorbent plant material in our socks, pillows and loose absorbent bags that are much more effective, non-leaching and much safer for workers and the environment.

Complete Kit: Comes with 15"x18"x5" Vinyl Zipper bag with Insert, 2 Medium 4'x4" rapid Absorption Socks, 1 Small Resealable Bag of SaveSorb Loose Absorbent, 4 Absorbent Wipes, 2 Pair safety Gloves, 1 Sweeper Dust Pan set, 1 Hazmat Disposal Bags & zip tie. Instructions

Safety First: Prioritize safety with included safety gear.
Eco-Conscious: Opt for an eco-friendly solution for spill containment.

Upgrade your truck's safety measures with this comprehensive and eco-conscious spill kit.


• 2 Small 4'x4" Rapid Absorbent Socks
• 1 Small Resealable Bag of SaveSorb Loose Absorbent
• 4 Absorbent Wipes
• 1 Sweeper & Dust Pan
• 2 Hazmat Disposal Bags
• 2 Zip ties.
• 1 Vinyl Zip Bag 15"x18"x5" with Insert & Instruction Sheet


15” x 18” x 5”


• Absorbs up to 6 Gal of hazmat.
• Truck spill kits equipped with everything your truck needs while on the road.


Ships in 1-3 business days.


For info on Bulk or Wholesale Orders Please Call our sales team directly at (310)-795-4011 or email



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